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Construction Financing

Amount: $200,000
Rate: 12%
Beacon: 795/821
LTV: 57%
Mortgage Position: 1st

A couple wanted to build a 1,058 sq ft, 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom home on 200 acres in Maberly, ON. One partner had 15 yrs job stability as a manager at a communications company and the 2015 NOA showed very good income. Clients only needed a small LTV to complete build as they would be using own personal line of credit for remainder. The credit was excellent. Pillar was easily able finance this with the take-out mortgage being provided by BNS at 2.59%! Another short-term solution, another happy client!

November 30, 2012
November 24, 2011
September 17, 2012

Trying to close my first deal with Pillar was a pleasure! Cory and the underwriting team were amazing. They have now become my choice for alternative deals. Love Pillar! Their patience and professionalism is bar none. I have already told numerous agents at DLC Alliance about my wonderful experience

– Fanchea Barrieau, Mortgage Agent, Dominion Lending Centres Alliance

I recommend Pillar to help you with your financial needs. As a Mortgage Agent with Mortgage Intelligence, Pillar was a major part of my success. Pillar is hands on, and works hard to find a way to put your project together. I had the privilege of being invited to several AGMs and also witnessing the benefits to the investors that invest into their company.

– Paul Parr, AMP Agent, Mortgage Intelligence

I have been using Pillar Financial now for over 10 years and I find they are one of the most simple and common-sense lenders in the marketplace. Their construction mortgage is so easy, I refuse to do builders mortgages through a traditional bank regardless of rate. Clients get their money when they expect it and don’t have to worry about their financing when they are already worried about more stressful things like building a home. Pillar loves rural properties which sets them aside from the regular equity lenders out there. If you haven’t tried Pillar you should – give them a call (oh, and people actually pick up the phone there!)

– Sean Binkley, Mortgage Broker & Owner, Your Home Team – Dominion Lending Centres
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Whether a client is refinancing, purchasing, building or renewing, obtaining an appraisal report for your lender may be required. Many mortgage lenders, specifically alternative lenders, rely heavily on professional appraisal reports when making a decision to lend. If there is a funding opportunity, the report assists in pricing the deal accordingly in terms of rate and […]