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Providing brokers with residential mortgage solutions across Ontario.
When your clients don't fit the mold of other lenders, Pillar Financial Services can help. With a common-sense approach and access to well over $180 million in capital, we can fund your submissions quickly and flexibly.

Pillar Mortgage Solutions
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Competitive, flexible mortgages for those planning on building or renovating their home.

Introducing the Pillar Blueprint! We provide a wide range of lending options not limited by traditional bank restrictions and guidelines.

  • Get funding up front: up to 60% of raw land value
  • Build your own draw schedule
  • Save on interest rates: freedom to find the best mortgage upon project completion without penalties
  • Better cash flow
  • Dedicated construction staff to ensure project and draws are progressing as planned
Working with Pillar since 2015
Working with Pillar since 2012
Working with Pillar since 2002
Working with Pillar since 2017

Pillar’s underwriting team makes the effort to really understand my client’s situation and needs. From there, we can work together to reach a deal that’s fair for everyone and has the versatility to accommodate the unexpected changes that may come up during a construction project.

– Rick Wilson, Mortgage Agent, The Mortgage Advisors

Trying to close my first deal with Pillar was a pleasure! Cory and the underwriting team were amazing. They have now become my choice for alternative deals. Their patience and professionalism is bar none. I have already told numerous agents at DLC Alliance about my wonderful experience

– Fanchea Barrieau, Mortgage Agent, Dominion Lending Centres Alliance

I have been using Pillar Financial now for over 15 years and I find they are one of the most simple and common-sense lenders in the marketplace. Their construction mortgage is so easy, I refuse to do builders mortgages through a traditional bank regardless of rate. Clients get their money when they expect it and don’t have to worry about their financing when they are already worried about more stressful things like building a home.

– Sean Binkley, Mortgage Broker, Dominion Lending Centres

The underwriter I worked with at Pillar was extremely thorough, so there were no surprises. She also took a personal interest in genuinely understanding my client’s situation, providing a level of service I rarely come across.

– Massimo De Luca, Mortgage Agent, Intellimortgage Inc.
The Pillar Mortgage Blog

The Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC) National Mortgage Conference 2018 has come and gone, but we’re still buzzing from our time in Montreal on October 28 and 29, 2018. Pillar was represented at the event by Roberto Blanco, Regional Manager, Business Development – Ontario, and Rochelle Chang, Business Development Officer, South Western Ontario. This annual conference […]

With the end of the year approaching, we are looking forward to our annual pilgrimage to the MPC National Mortgage Conference. This yearly event is a great opportunity for lenders, brokers and other stakeholders to discuss the state of Canada’s mortgage industry and the outlook for the year ahead. We are excited to use the […]