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What is CedarShore Wealth Management?

CedarShore Wealth Management is the new name of our personal advisory services division. For more than 35 years, W.A. Robinson Asset Management has been helping clients achieve financial peace of mind by focusing on capital preservation with a reasonable return.

With careful stewardship and steady growth, we’ve expanded from 3 employees to a team of 30+ providing professional asset management, personal advisory services, and alternative mortgage lending to clients across Ontario.

Why the new name?

Up to August 2021, both our personal advisory services division and asset management division have been grouped together under the name W.A. Robinson. As our financial services offering is currently expanding to meet the evolving needs of our clients, we are taking this opportunity to make the distinction between these two divisions clearer.

Going forward, our asset management division will continue to operate under the name W.A. Robinson Asset Management while our personal advisory services division will operate as CedarShore Wealth Management.

The CedarShore division remains part of W.A. Robinson. This means it will continue to benefit from our decades of expertise while providing our team with greater flexibility to meet the unique financial planning needs of our clients.

How can CedarShore support my financial goals?

Our core purpose at CedarShore Wealth Management is to help people realize their dreams through personal financial services grounded in expert advice and shared small-town values.

We do this by providing financial planning services that enable you to gain peace of mind, grow your wealth, care for others, and design your future.

With a deep understanding of your family circumstances, financial situation, and goals for the future, we identify the areas in which we can best support you, which may include:

  • Managing your cash
  • Determining your net worth
  • Investment planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
I'm a client of W.A. Robinson. What's going to change for me?

For existing clients like you, the introduction of CedarShore will result in a few changes:

  • A name change. You will continue to be served with care by the same team, but going forward this will happen under the CedarShore banner rather than W.A. Robinson.
  • Expanded service offering. With the introduction of CedarShore, we will be offering a more robust menu of financial planning services, including investment planning and retirement planning.
  • New fund options. Building on our decades of expertise in managing the Frontenac MIC, we will be introducing new fund options for our clients under the CedarShore banner, creating additional opportunities for diversification.
What is CedarShore's investment philosophy?

We focus on thoroughly researched, well-managed investments that reflect our values of capital preservation with a reasonable return.

Our clear, well-established investment philosophy is particularly suited for clients who value steady, long-term growth over the aggressive pursuit of higher returns.

What are the benefits I receive as a CedarShore client?

As a CedarShore client, you benefit from:

  1. A dedicated portfolio manager looking after your account
  2. Customized financial planning and a personalized investor roadmap
  3. Best-in-class investment management based on decades of experience
  4. Clear, regular and personalized reporting on your account performance
What is CedarShore's mission?

Helping people realize their dreams through personal service grounded in expert advice and shared small-town values.

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