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Corporate Culture: The Key to Survival

Blog-Date-1Mar 17, 2016

Nature and business work in similar ways. Both have methods of adapting to the ever-changing external forces of their environments.

Animals use colour, smell, size and other tricks to deter predatory forces (or lure in prey as a means of survival). The human body’s white blood cells kick into overdrive to fight off infection.

In business, we must always be on high alert to deal with new market entrants and regulatory changes, along with other external factors. Solid risk management practices are a critical defence mechanism, but in our highly competitive world, we need more.

Corporate Culture: Critical to Business Survival
A business’ ability to survive is often the byproduct of individual employees, their ability to adapt to change and the culture they work in. A simple equation would be:

people + adaption x culture = likelihood of business survival

The finance business in particular operates very much like this. Our underwriting, business development, investment services and administration departments are parts of the well-oiled machine that keeps us operating daily. But a strong culture, driven by strong people, is what helps us adapt and carry on even in the most turbulent of times.

A Culture Must be BUILT to Support Its People…
By building a culture that serves as a breeding ground for positive thoughts, ideas and respect, staff are able to work together to ensure the future viability and continued life of the business. The concept of “you get what you give” helps us move forward together – with esteem, a common goal and a positive long-term outlook.

…But a Culture is Also BUILT BY Its People
The tone of a corporate culture is set by its leaders. Transitioning into the CEO role and following in the footsteps of a father I respect immensely, I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact that a culture – crafted by exemplary management – has on business. The old saying, “you don’t build a business – you build people – and then people build the business” rings true in our operation. W.A. Robinson’s success has been built on quality people. We choose them very carefully based on fit, their ability to reinforce the culture we’ve built and their ability to adapt. Skills can be learned, but character cannot.

W.A. Robinson: Crafting a Culture that Works
Our corporate culture has been developing since we first opened our doors more than 30 years ago. No doubt, we’ll continue to adapt – but the solid foundation we were built on will help us through whatever winds of change may blow our way.