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Debra Smith retires from W.A. Robinson Asset Management Ltd.

Blog-Date-1Jun 30, 2023

On June 30th we celebrate the retirement of Debra Smith, CIM, AR, from W.A. Robinson Asset Management Ltd.

After 20+ years, Debra Smith closes the book on a career built within our company. Debra started with W.A. Robinson in 2002 as a corporate book keeper and doing tax preparation for our direct clients. In 2004, Debra started to work closely with founder Wayne Robinson on the investment side of the business, and adopted the integrity that Wayne brought to the corporation as a whole.

In 2011, as the company began succession planning for Wayne, who was preparing to retire. To support the next phase of the business, Debra was offered an opportunity to change her career path at W.A. Robinson and lead the investment team. In addition, a new Portfolio Manager was needed at the company.

With ambition and vigor, Debra embraced the challenge of completing the education requirements for these credentials. In 2016, Debra passed her last exam, which allowed her to become an Associate Advising Representative (AAR). After two years of additional experience, Debra was proudly registered as a Discretionary Advising Representative (AR).

During this time, Debra was provided with a second career-changing opportunity with W.A. Robinson. An introduction to the PCM model of corporate culture piqued Debra’s interest in how our staff could more effectively communicate with each other, and from there Debra had a significant impact on bringing the new corporate culture to life.

We will miss Debra’s deep care and passion for W.A. Robinson and all of the staff at this company, and we wish her all the best for her coming retirement. Unlimited travel time and relaxation are most deserved!

Thank you Debra, for your years of dedication and for your influence in shaping W.A. Robinson Asset Management into the company that it is today.