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We offer our condolences on the passing of Marcel Giroux

Blog-Date-1Jul 18, 2023

It is with great sadness that we share news of the passing of Marcel Giroux. Marcel was one of the original founding members of the Frontenac Mortgage Investment Corporation, and a great friend to the Robinsons, many staff and a pillar of the Sharbot Lake community.  

Marcel was born and raised in Cornwall and attended school in Bourget before getting his degree from the University of Montreal.  Prior to co-originating the Frontenac Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC), Marcel was a teacher and in the late 1950s took a teaching job at Sharbot Lake High School.  Marcel primarily taught French but as is the case in many small rural schools, he educated youth in many other subjects, too. He eventually became Principal in 1965 when the school was going through a major renovation to accommodate the demands that Baby Boomers were putting on the system. Marcel switched to guidance counselling in 1966 and stayed in that role until his retirement from teaching in 1987 (some 32 years). 

In 1983, Wayne and Alison Robinson and Marcel pooled their RRSP’s and put together enough money to fund mortgages for about $30,000. This was the start of Frontenac Mortgage Investment Corporation.  

In 1987, Marcel decided he would leave teaching and join Wayne in the business of financial planning, mortgage investing and taxation. Marcel did all the courses necessary to be able to work with clients. He continued working with the firm more or less full time until 2018 when he moved to his home office but continued to support the team when necessary. Marcel continued to be involved until his untimely passing on July 14, 2023.

Marcel was a man of action. He would say, “Lets get it done!” instead of just talking about it. At various times, he was Reeve of the local township, Chair of the Kingston Library Board, Chair of the Board that built the local arena, a driving force behind building the new Catholic Church, a volunteer on the trails, or Chair of the committee to bring 911 service to our region.

He was a husband to Pam and father to four successful sons.

Matthew and Wayne Robinson both refer to Marcel as a friend and mentor. Marcel was a part of Wayne’s life for 62 years.

Marcel loved his family, his community and his association with FMIC and W. A. Robinson. 

To those who were blessed to have Marcel in their lives, we offer our deepest condolences.


Hanging in our office hallway ,you will find a photo of
Marcel Giroux (at left) and the Robinson family circa 1987.