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Blog-Date-1Feb 09, 2022

Nous prévoyons pour l’année 2022 un rendement similaire à celui de l’année précédente. Notre objectif pour 2022 est de clôturer l’exercice dans une fourchette comprise entre 5,0 % et 6,50 %, après déduction des frais. La pandémie continuant de susciter un renouveau dans les zones rurales et périurbaines, la demande de prêts hypothécaires dans notre domaine prioritaire reste soutenue. Toutefois, la différence réside […]

Blog-Date-1Feb 09, 2022

L’année 2021 fut encore une fois une année exceptionnelle pour W.A. Robinson Group of Companies, de même que pour Frontenac MIC, et ce, en dépit des difficultés évidentes liées à la pandémie de COVID-19. Notre approche rurale et périurbaine continue de produire des résultats exceptionnels, à mesure que la population mondiale se tourne de plus en plus vers le travail à […]

Blog-Date-1Aug 10, 2020

The past several months have been a financially stressful period for many Canadians. Across the country, widespread layoffs, struggling businesses and financial market upheaval have caused headaches and heartache for millions. Against this backdrop, Canadian investors have watched the value of their portfolios rise, fall or hover amid uncertainty. Read on for our 6 tips […]

Blog-Date-1Aug 05, 2020

W.A. Robinson Asset Management Ltd. is pleased to announce that Catherine Musselman has joined our team in the role of Director, Wealth Management. As a member of our Senior Management Team, Catherine will focus on leading and growing our wealth management business. As a seasoned senior compliance professional, Catherine brings with her a wealth of […]

Blog-Date-1Mar 17, 2016

Nature and business work in similar ways. Both have methods of adapting to the ever-changing external forces of their environments. Animals use colour, smell, size and other tricks to deter predatory forces (or lure in prey as a means of survival). The human body’s white blood cells kick into overdrive to fight off infection. In […]

Blog-Date-1Apr 21, 2016

Well-managed public businesses can certainly be successful over the years, but multigenerational, family-owned enterprises bring special strengths and talents to the table. What makes a family business so attractive? Structure, Succession & the Beauty of Institutional Knowledge In any properly managed enterprise, protocols and procedures govern operations and culture. Accepted practices and standards define the […]

Blog-Date-1May 14, 2018

W.A. Robinson is pleased to announce that Richard Colton, B.A. (hons), CIM, CFA, has achieved successful registration with the Ontario Securities Commission as an advising representative (AR). This achievement furthers Richard’s role in risk management for Frontenac Mortgage Investment Corporation and as a Portfolio Manager for the firm’s growing boutique wealth management practice. Richard is […]

Blog-Date-1Jan 31, 2019

W.A. Robinson is pleased to announce that Debra Smith, CIM, has achieved successful registration with the Ontario Securities Commission as an advising representative (AR). This achievement further strengthens Debra’s capabilities related to investment services and managing the Frontenac Mortgage Investment Corporation fund, as well as helping her better support the firm’s discretionary portfolio and fund […]

Blog-Date-1Jun 22, 2022

W.A. Robinson Asset Management Ltd. is pleased to announce that Dan Komorowski, CPA, CA and MAcc, has joined our team as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He replaces long-serving CFO Kevin Cruickshank who retired in June 2022. Dan brings with him decades of finance leadership from a wide range of industry sectors. He has a strong […]

Blog-Date-1Jun 30, 2023

On June 30th we celebrate the retirement of Debra Smith, CIM, AR, from W.A. Robinson Asset Management Ltd. After 20+ years, Debra Smith closes the book on a career built within our company. Debra started with W.A. Robinson in 2002 as a corporate book keeper and doing tax preparation for our direct clients. In 2004, Debra […]