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Add value to your portfolio with a unique, professionally managed mortgage investment solution. Frontenac MIC's straightforward and conservative approach has generated positive returns for investors since its initial prospectus offering in 2005, and privately through W.A. Robinson Asset Management ltd. for 40 years.
A unique solution in the MIC space
Offered by prospectus through IIROC financial advisors
  • Accessible to non-accredited investors
  • Not traded on the TSX
  • No leverage (target cash position of +/- 5% of total assets )
  • Historically constant NAV
  • FundSERV code WAR 110/111 (F Class)

Income is generated from interest and principal payments through primarily short-term, residential, mortgages in first position. Prospectus offering creates an ease of trading for advisors and the highest level of disclosure for clients. Celebrating 40 consecutive years of positive returns.

About Frontenac

100% of net income distributed monthly

Frontenac offers long-term, reasonable returns on real asset-based investments for those who seek capital preservation. Our value lies in sustainable processes and decisions delivered by an experienced management team.

Consistently Steady Returns

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