Diversify your portfolio with fixed-income investment in Ontario’s mortgage market
Capital Preservation.
Consistent Return.
Frontenac Mortgage Investment Corporation is a non-leveraged, diversified pool of Ontario first mortgages. Professionally managed by W.A. Robinson Asset Management Ltd, our fund has delivered positive returns for over 35 consecutive years.
About Frontenac
100% of net income distributed monthly

Frontenac offers long-term, reasonable returns on real asset-based investments for those who seek capital preservation. Our value lies in sustainable processes and decisions delivered by an experienced management team.

A unique solution in the MIC space

Offered by prospectus through IIROC financial advisors

  • Accessible to non-accredited investors
  • Not traded on the TSX
  • No leverage (target cash position of +/- 5% of total assets )
  • Historically constant NAV
  • FundSERV code WAR 110/111 (F Class)

Income is generated from interest and principal payments through primarily short-term, residential, mortgages in first position. Prospectus offering creates an ease of trading for advisors and the highest level of disclosure for clients. Over 35 consecutive years of positive returns.


Risk versus reward

Fund performance
Interest-bearing investment for RRSPs, RRIFs, and TFSAs
Portfolio summary - as of December 31, 2019

Experts in our own backyard.

Gain access to a non-leveraged fund consisting of over 550 mortgages, in first position, in the stable residential real estate market of Ontario.

  •   Eastern Ontario - 67.4%
  •   Other Ontario - 32.5%
  •   Quebec - 0.1%
  •   Toronto - 0%

First mortgage priority means more security.

We are residential real estate experts with an affinity for construction and rural properties. Our team intimately understands these opportunities.

  •   Residential - 39.8%
  •   Residential Developments - 22.6%
  •   Residential Construction - 28.6%
  •   Vacant Land - 6.6%
  •   Commercial - 2.4%

Not correlated with equity or interest rate volatility.

Targeting a return matching the Schedule A Bank 5-Year GIC plus 3%, Frontenac endeavours to earn a reasonable return while preserving capital.

  •   Less than 6.49% - 5.3%
  •   6.5% to 7.49% - 1.0%
  •   7.5% to 8.49% - 11.6%
  •   8.5% to 9.49% - 21.1%
  •   9.5% to 10.49% - 47%
  •   10.5% to 11.49% - 4.9%
  •   11.5% to 12.49% - 9.1%

Short-term loans provide interest rate control.

The short-term nature of our loans help to mitigate interest-rate risk.

  •   1 year or less - 91.9%
  •   Between 1.1 and 2 years - 8.1%
  •   > 2.1 years - 0%
From our CEO

“Frontenac Mortgage Investment Corporation investors have been enjoying stable and positive returns since 1983 and we expect the same results moving forward. Our competitive advantage is our people. We have a strong team of true professionals who build trust with our business partners each day."

"Fixed-income products with a decent return are difficult to find without substantially increasing the risk profile. Frontenac has been an attractive investment alternative to the traditional investment choices because of its stable price over the history of the fund and the low correlation between interest rates and the return."

"This investment is unique both in its strategy and its story.”

~ Matthew Robinson