Our Values
The principles that guide us

Our Shared Values

Our shared values unite the staff of W.A. Robinson, inspiring us to always do the right things right.

It all starts with competency, consistency and taking care in what we do, with the following values flowing from this.

Client First: 

Our business depends on the needs of our clients. Whether we’re lending or managing investor money, we are mindful that we can be successful only when our business partners and clients are successful.

Earn Trust:

Trust is fragile and not to be taken for granted. More than ever, investors, brokers and financial advisors need to have faith in the system and believe in those operating within the system. We know we must earn trust every day by doing right by our clients, our community and each other. We want to be the type of company that our clients and community can count on.


We employ the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty, integrity and fairness in every action we take. We are financially responsible and committed to maintaining high lending standards and consistently delivering value for our investors.

Stewardship and Leadership:

Our business model is based on stewardship – building a company that continues to grow and develop through generations of managers working with generations of clients. We value steady, predictable, controlled growth, as well as a stable workplace. We strive to provide consistent lending practices and investing services that go beyond trends or making a “quick buck.” Instead, we offer sustainable financial direction on which our clients can build their lives.

Work-Life Balance:

Work is one of the pillars of life – the sense of striving, building and achieving. At the same time, if you do not take time to enjoy life, your work is all for naught. We strive to maintain this work – life balance by working hard while always being grateful and appreciative in our enjoyment.