The Frontenac Advantage
A consistent return, powered by a diversified mortgage pool.
Frontenac can complement your portfolio with a fixed-income investment vehicle that taps into Ontario’s residential first-mortgage market.
We are unique as the only mortgage investment corporation (MIC) in Canada offered by prospectus that is not listed on the TSX.
Frontenac is managed and administered by two experienced firms with solid track records: W.A. Robinson Asset Management Ltd. (fund and portfolio manager) and Pillar Financial Services Inc. (mortgage broker and administrator).

Frontenac earns income through interest and principal payments, targeting short-term, first mortgages.

The benefit of investing in mortgages is the full transparency of information, including specific payment schedules and collateral details. Mortgages also have specific end dates, so the manager is continuously aware of the exit dates of such investments.

Portfolio summary - as of September 30, 2021

Qualified for RRSP, RRIF, RESP, TFSA, DPSP and RDSP.

Income from a MIC is taxed as interest income making it a good investment for registered accounts.

  •   Eastern Ontario - 63.1%
  •   Other - Ontario - 36.8%
  •   Quebec - 0.1%
  •   GTA - 0.0%

First mortgage priority means more security.

We are residential real estate experts with an affinity for construction and rural properties. Our team intimately understands these opportunities.

  •   Residential - 29.6%
  •   Residential Developments - 22.0%
  •   Residential Construction - 39.2%
  •   Vacant Land - 1.0%
  •   Commercial - 8.2%

Appropriately pricing risk for over 35 years.

Targeting a return matching the Schedule A Bank 5-Year GIC plus 3%, Frontenac endeavours to earn a reasonable return while preserving capital.

  •   Less than 6.49% - 4.7%
  •   6.5% to 7.49% - 0.6%
  •   7.5% to 8.49% - 7.7%
  •   8.5% to 9.49% - 16.8%
  •   9.5% to 10.49% - 56.7%
  •   10.5% to 11.49% - 2.9%
  •   11.5% to 12.49% - 10.5%
  •   12.5% to 13.49% - 0.1%

Short-term loans provide pricing control.

The short-term nature of our loans helps to mitigate the interest rate risk that most lenders experience.

  •   1 year or less - 96.0%
  •   Between 1.1 and 2 years - 4.0%
  •   Over 2.1 years - 0.0%

Growth of $10,000 over 15 years


Repeatable processes built on a foundation of core principles.

With many stocks, bonds, and GICs offering a minuscule return on investment, mortgage-based investments are a viable option for investors seeking an improved fixed return.

Frontenac provides an income-producing vehicle that is well-diversified with real asset security. By investing in Frontenac, you gain access to a pool of over 550 mortgages in the stable residential real estate market of Ontario.

With expertise and experience, we aim to provide a 5% to 7% return that’s not directly correlated with interest rate or equity volatility.

A historically constant net asset value (NAV) of $30 over the past 35 years has enabled us to generate this return while preserving capital.



Service Providers


A corporate culture of trust and care for people.

For over 30 years, W.A. Robinson Asset Management  has provided financial services from its base in Sharbot Lake, Ontario. Incorporated in 1980, the firm has managed mortgage-based investments since 1984.

Now with about 30 employees, our success is driven by the broad knowledge and expertise of our staff in the areas of mortgage lending, compliance, accounting and marketing. Our team maintains high standards of customer service both in mortgage lending and investment activities.

With a multi-generational vision, our firm remains family owned and is professionally operated.

Frontenac is offered through IIROC advisors across Canada.

The fund is sold on prospectus and offered as common shares in:

  • BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, NS, NB, and NL.
  • It is sold by OM elsewhere in Canada, PEI & QC

It is purchased through FundSERV

  • code: WAR 110/111 (F Class)

Frontenac is not traded on the TSX

Historically, Frontenac has been used to complement traditional fixed-income products such as bonds and GICs. Investors can choose between a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) or cash for monthly distributions.

We are dedicated to our trusted partners and aim to provide a consistent fixed-income solution.

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